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07/12/2011 / lydia0510

Cheapitarian 2.0

Yo Friends and Neighbors!

Notice anything different?

Like maybe this RAD new website?

Heck Yeah! I registered!

So, you’re here, now.

What do you think?

Pretty sweet, huh?

I’ve only got a short little bit of philosophical babble for you tonight and it goes like this: Summer is an easy time to spend more money than you intend. For example, I have the urge to buy a $500 air conditioner, set it to 59 degrees and let it run all day. But The energy would cost a fortune, so I won’t. I also crave artsy popsicles, fancy granitas and frozen drinks with tiny umbrellas in them. I want to eat cold food. That’s all I want.

I also crave tacos, cerveza and sunglasses that make me look like Erik Estrada!

But NO WAY am I

going to buy that stuff at the store, for it, too, Costs a FORTUNE.

For the rest of the summer, we’re going to keep the cooking (and spending) to a minimum so that we can have all the delectably affordable summery fare we want without sweating to death or handing all our money over to gourmet grocers.

I’m just saying…

So Stay Tuned, My dearest Friends and Neighbors. We’ll survive the summer together!!

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  1. Karyn / Jul 17 2011 9:29 pm

    Love the site. Keep it up. You have always made cooking look easy to me. Sometimes I forget that I am just supremely untalented in the culinary arts and find myself crying over a still mostly frozen tiny bird that I spent a little more time on than I’d like to admit. But Brian usually can figure out what it is.

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